Reading with the Roost: Downtown Owl

by Ryan

This is Downtown Owl:

This is also Downtown Owl:

Technically, this book isn’t out yet, but thanks to the good people at, I received it on Friday and finished it yesterday.

However, this causes a problem when you want to discuss it, especially when 1) a handful of people have read the book, and 2) discussing any part of it would almost immediately ruin it for anyone.

So here’s the situation. The situation is this: I liked this book, and I’d like you to buy it so we can talk about it. This post is going up now, and if you plan on buying the book let me know so we can talk about it in the future. If you’d like to buy the book, that would be nice too, because then we could talk about it.

The post will go up on the sidebar, so whenever you finish it, I’ll be there to talk about it. Let me know what you thought, and I’ll respond. That post won’t be going anywhere, so even if it takes you a few years to get around to it that’s fine.

I’d imagine this post stays up as long as Google has servers, which seems like a long, long time. At least until Google figures out how to beam things directly into your brain using a subtle radio wave and bacon bits. I figure at that juncture in your life reading a Chuck Klosterman book is the last thing on your mind, so it probably doesn’t matter.

So yeah, get back to me on this.