Quick Hits

by Ryan

Some other thoughts on the Bills game that didn’t fit the theme yesterday:

– Lane Kiffin deserves to be fired. Not stopping the clock late for his quarterback to lob throws down field to no one is just downright stupid. Oooooooooooooh. Kiffin is going to be fired no matter what, I guess he knows that as well as anyone at this point. I feel like we should call the SPCA for him or something, at least they would be humane about it.

– There is something to be said about that Donte Whitner penalty after Billy Bob Whatshisname scored on that slant. The rational fan part of me wants to say it was incredibly stupid to tackle him, especially if it puts your team in an even bigger hole on the kickoff. However, I really want to embrace it for the message it sent.

It sounds like a dumb argument, but when was the last time this Bills defense showed any pride? Forget about chest bumps and Antoine Winfield doing cartwheels after batting a pass down; I mean real pride and swagger. What Whitner did was a penalty, but it was calculated and in a way I think it really helped the team.

Donte was on the Jim Rome show yesterday and talked about it, and he flat out said he didn’t like the fact that Higgins was showboating. He got frustrated and wanted to show that he wasn’t going to stand for it. That may come off as a selfish play, but I think on a higher level it shows an aspect of leadership this team hasn’t seen on the defensive end in so long.

What Whitner did was absolutely about pride. He didn’t punch him in the face, or jump on him while he was dancing; he finished his play, late, and paid the price. It may have really hurt the team, but I think it showed his teammates and the fans that they weren’t going to stand for it. Donte isn’t going to let anyone walk into Ralph Wilson Stadium and disrespect us. Not anymore.

And after all those Patriots games, all those late losses, and all those teams running through our tunnel like it was a home game, I needed to see something like that from a surging defense. Sure, the game was close and they survived, but seeing a player take a stand like that in front of everyone made me feel so much better about this team. If it takes 15 yards or an offsetting penalty to give us that swagger, I’ll take it every time.

Some Sabres thoughts while we’re here:

– If you missed it, here’s the video of the Sabres’ third jersey ceremonies. Pretty interesting stuff at the end about how it was made.

– Marek Zagrapan had a pretty good game last night. I really would like to see him make the team this year, but I’m not sure if there will be room. It is still very, very early.

– I have no idea why, but I keep forgetting that Clarke MacArthur can’t go to Portland this year. In my mind that would make everything easier.

– The Live Chat Mirtle put on was actually a lot of fun, even though I was completely unprepared to talk hockey at all. Those should be popping up for a few more Sabres/Leafs games, and it would be nice to see some more Sabres/fans get involved in those. We’ll keep you posted.

– Tonight the Sabres play in Canada again, this time as a part of the Hockeyville contest won by Roberval, Quebec. Over the weekend Donald Audette and Rick Martin took part in a clinic for the town’s citizens. The article is a pretty good read, and at the very least you get to see Youppi dressed up like a linesman. Good times all around.

– The Dukes of Awesome have a solid post about Sabres jerseys which makes me wonder what they think of this monstrosity. Good God.

Also, the new third jerseys are for sale on shop.nhl.com. Please, if you are going to spend the money, make it on that jersey. You really don’t have any other options.


  1. dani

    What? You would so immediately jump the first girl wearing one of those blue jerseys. Bitch, please.

    …I think it is my and wrap around curl’s civic duty to join every liveblog. Next time.

  2. Ryan

    Define “jump”.

  3. Pink Jerseys Suck

    uuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh why do these things keep getting made?!?! how do i stop this?