Looking for Maple Love

by Ryan

Tonight the Sabres open the preseason in Toronto. Exciting, I know. A few days ago I was looking through some things on the Leafs’ website and came across this strange ad:

(click to enlarge)

Apparently, Leafs fans love Asian women. This was something I hadn’t realized, and I was pretty surprised at the audacity of the ads. I know Toronto is a very diverse place, but to have that kind of ad allowed on an NHL website seems very unlikely. Maybe because it was later at night they are allowed to run that kind of thing. Who knows?

Then again, the team hasn’t satisfied fans in years, so it should probably start now.

Oh. Oh no. I take it back.


  1. Jonathan Grant Keller

    If anyone wants my Sabres Wild tix, email me your address to jkeller@gmail.com. I will mail them tonight.

  2. Jonathan Grant Keller

    tix are gone—sorry.