Break Out the Ortho

by Ryan

Last week 3rdmanin had a solid find: the new Sabres’ logo was on some RBK gear at a retail store. It was just a taste, but a taste that I approve of, and it was certainly cool to know who was the first on the block to rock that new Sabres sweater.

Today Puck Daddy comes up big with what we’ve been waiting for: what the real Sabres sweater is going to look like.

Dang, that’s pretty not half bad.

Forget the phonetic issues that sentence has, because that’s about as well as I can sum up my thoughts on the issue. I dislike the curved side piping that has been all the rage in jersey design recently, but I’m pretty excited about the logo itself. I’ll never understand why they didn’t just go with a logo like this in the first place, but it is nice to see them do the right thing two years too late. Wow, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Perhaps in the long run they will fully admit the mistake that was the Tepposlug and make this the primary uni, but I really doubt that. Somehow I doubt partial owner Quinn wants to close the wallet books on that venture. In the meantime, hooray for tie up chests, and thank God the crest is back.

One Comment

  1. dani

    I love the ties at the top. I was just saying we should invest in some of that.