Any Ideas?

I stumbled across this tonight while searching for some pictures. Here is site I found it on, which seems to collect odd things from the Atomic Age. This certainly seems to fit the bill, so if anyone has any ideas as to what it is I’m all ears.

I would check the Buffalo News but they don’t archive anything more than a week old without asking for your first born. Maybe someone lurking out there has the story…


  1. Dave

    bored at work, did a quick google search….theres an excerpt talking about it in Gidgets and Women Warriors By Catherine Gourley, you can find it on page 106

    "The publishers of the Buffalo Evening News took Operation Alert very seriously, publishing an actual emergency edition of their paper"

    In 1954, the United States Federal Civil Defense Agency instituted an exercise called Operation Alert. It was a civil defense drill that took place on the same day in scores of major cities. Citizens in what were called the "target" areas were required to take cover for fifteen minutes. At the same time civil defense officials tested their readiness and their communications systems, and federal officials practiced evacuating from the capital. Even President Eisenhower left the White House for a tent city outside Washington. The following day newspapers routinely published reports of the fictitious attacks naming the number of bombs that were dropped in the mock alerts, the number of cities hit, and the number of casualties,page+106&source=web&ots=EJ_Sc4fgCe&sig=ljyRkQhXQQwKVTDVPxMMlXItci4&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=1&ct=result#PPA106,M1

  2. Becky

    Very interesting.

  3. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t the paper have a hard time putting this in print if the city were destroyed by two nuclear bombs?