1. dani

    I hear he has 37 pieces of flair.

  2. Anne


    Oh wait, its totally true. I react to a Pominville goal and the video of him at the circus with the same amount of glee. I hate myself a little, hahahaha

    (I deleted this comment because I accidentally wrote “punk bunnies.” I am such a champ.)

  3. brian s.

    Anne is that supposed to say “champ” or “chump”?

  4. Heather B.

    I love this Photoshop. The expression on his face goes so perfectly with the finger guns.

  5. Anne

    Anne is that supposed to say “champ” or “chump”?

    Yo did I just get burrrrned?

    I alternate between being both champ and chump. I rawk…. because I sometimes spell rock that way.

  6. Ryan

    Of all the crappy Photoshops I’ve done, this is by far my favorite. His face was perfect. Did anyone ever notice the “C” I put on the button?