A Better View

by Ryan

I’m completely stealing this from First Time Caller Long Time Listener, but only because time is short tonight and I enjoyed this video so much.

That’s about how it went down in the stadium, but it was about twice as loud. Just imagine what the Denney TD sounded like.

Tomorrow I will talk some fantasy football and take one last look back at the home opener. Jacksonville, here we come.


  1. Anonymous

    hey this is my video. the way the camera works is just that u can only hear a certain amount of sound at a time. when he makes the first cut u get a slight part of when u can hear the entire crowd. believe it or not it was louder during this touchdown than during the Denny one.

  2. Ryan


    Well than I should thank you for the video myself. I think if I had a camera in my hands I would have done much worse jumping around like that. Then again, I was up in 339 so you had a much better view than I did.

    The noise for the Denny TD wasn’t louder, you’re right, but the complete surprise of the play made it sound much different. You could kind of hear the crowd go “whaa?” then explode. Great stuff, though. Let us know if you have any more throughout the year, we’ll post them.

  3. Anonymous

    i have the marshawn touchdown, i’ll try to put that up, i’ll post a message here when its up, and just go to my youtube account for the video.

  4. Anonymous

    i just realized u got this video from another website, not youtube, my youtube account is billsrage55

  5. Anonymous

    also…probably 15 recordings of Roscoe returning punts in this game due to the fact that Seattle sucked, he’s my favorite player so i wouldnt dare miss a play like this on the camera