8 in 4: NFC South

by Ryan

Last year we somehow convinced ourselves that we should do NFL previews. It wasn’t the most accurate of experiments, but it was a nice concept at the time. We went through each division and predicted winners, then going back in January to examine how badly we did.

We weren’t really planning on much for this week, but it was brought up by someone that we should do it again. Well, why not? We are a little short on time, however, so we present to you eight divisions in four days.

If you have learned not to believe the hype, please don’t believe any of this, either.

Welcome to the Matt Ryan Era!

4. Atlanta Falcons– Every year I get this division wrong, so let’s just pencil them in here and work my way down. I’ve heard good things out of Matt Ryan, but it’s going to be a long road to recovery before they have wild card aspirations. Nice bag, though.

Wow, probably should have just stuck with the logo for this one…

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I really don’t know why I put them here to be honest. I just don’t like their QB situation, and Ernest Graham doesn’t do much for me. Forget this pick, let’s talk about Cadillac Williams. Remember two years ago he was the greatest thing since sliced bread? Now he can barely walk and is an afterthought in the Tampa offense. It’s amazing to me that a player can sustain a single injury and suddenly he is worthless.

I think that says something about the consumerist way we look at football players, as long as we have a suitable alternative (Graham) we don’t notice their loss as much. If I were a Bucs fan I would feel stronger about this, but I hope Marshawn and I are never put in a situation like this.

Wow, probably should have just stuck with the logo for this one, too…

2. Carolina Panthers- Steve Smith punched a teammate in the mouth and got a two game suspension. In the old days, this would just mean he’s pumped up about football being back. Freaking Goodell. Needless to say, his return to action week three could be the single greatest performance by a wide receiver in league history or a pedestrian performance in which he regains his bearings. For the sake of us all, let’s hope for the former.

He is going to LOVE the South…

1. New Orleans Saints- A lot of people dislike this team, but I think Drew Brees will have a huge year for them. Deuce may not be %100, but adding a solid TE like Shockey will only help the most pass-heavy offense in the league. Look for Robert Meachem to play a role as well.

Okay, I’m going to be honest, I have no idea how this whole thing will shake out. I picked them this way last year and was completely wrong, so I have to do better this year, right?