8 in 4: NFC East

by Ryan

Last year we somehow convinced ourselves that we should do NFL previews. It wasn’t the most accurate of experiments, but it was a nice concept at the time. We went through each division and predicted winners, then going back in January to examine how badly we did.

We weren’t really planning on much for this week, but it was brought up by someone that we should do it again. Well, why not? We are a little short on time, however, so we present to you eight divisions in four days.

If you have learned not to believe the hype, please don’t believe any of this, either.

Coach Spanky Janky refuses to acknowledge the Jim Zorn Era

4. Washington Redskins- You would think having a coach that won’t fall asleep during the third quarter is an immediate upgrade, but I’m not so sure Jim Zorn fits the bill. The Redskins are relying on Jason Campbell to develop into the quarterback of the present. If not, they have Todd Collins to be the quarterback of the past, and Colt Brennan to be the quarterback of the future. Hopefully they sort this all out before Christmas so the DVD can hit shelves in time.

The baby blue gives him strength. Kind of like a gay Sampson or something…

3. Philadelphia Eagles- The Eagles don’t impress me by any means, and the NFC East is one of those divisions where you better blow the other teams away. The Cowboys are the team to beat here, and the other three are very similar in talent. It will be hard to come out of a competitive division like this with wild card hopes, but ask the Giants how that went for them last year. Oh, Brian Westbrook may just give up after this season. The man is a beast and no one around him seems to match his intensity.

Somehow I imagine this is what Eli Manning’s marriage looks like.

2. New York Giants- In lieu of an actual preview, let’s hop into the way back machine for a second.

Yeah, that was awesome.

I’ve cried so much,
Since you’ve been gone,
I guess I’m drowning in my own tears

1. Dallas Cowboys- Yes, the Cowboys will win the division, which will make it all the better when they choke in the playoffs. Tony Romo will have another great year, and somehow it will all go to hell sometime in January. We all know this, so let’s move on. Felix Jones is going to be good, so if you haven’t drafted in your fantasy league give him a flier in the middle rounds. You never know when you need running back depth, right?

Also, do we get a decent Thanksgiving game this year? Seattle? Well, okay, I guess…