8 in 4: AFC West

by Ryan

Last year we somehow convinced ourselves that we should do NFL previews. It wasn’t the most accurate of experiments, but it was a nice concept at the time. We went through each division and predicted winners, then going back in January to examine how badly we did.

We weren’t really planning on much for this week, but it was brought up by someone that we should do it again. Well, why not? We are a little short on time, however, so we present to you eight divisions in four days.

If you have learned not to believe the hype, please don’t believe any of this, either.

Get off my lawn

4) Oakland Raiders– There’s really not much to talk about here, I just doubt everything about the Raiders. JaMarcus Russel is basically a rookie, and McFadden certainly is. Until they prove to me they have some semblance of an offense, they stay where they’ve been since Jon Gruden killed them.

Week Four: Larry Johnson out with a groin injury.

3. Kansas City Cheifs– Their starting quarterback is named Brodie. Larry Johnson’s yards per carry has decreased steadily over the last three years. Herm Edwards looked… stressed last year. Of course it’s more than possible the Cheifs get better this year, I just don’t see any evidence to support it. There are two teams better than them in their division, so that’s where I put them.

Swear to God that’s not Jake Plummer.

2. Denver Broncos– I still don’t like Jay Cutler very much, but as someone hoping for Trent Edwards to come through, well, perhaps I should be more forgiving. The running back machine will produce 1,000 yards once again, but anything less would just be an anomaly, really. They’ll be in the mix for the Wild Card, which makes them our problem. Hope for chaos, expect 10-6.


1. San Diego Chargers– Injuries kept them from beating New England in the AFC Championship Game, and “Lights Out” will try to play this year on a potential career ending injury. From that point of view things look pretty bleak, but Philip Rivers showed he can be a competent QB as well as a complete douchebag, which is the perfect mix for a quarterback. If Antonio Gates stays healthy and the defense can overcome the inevitable loss of Merriman they will be fine. I wouldn’t say first round bye, but at least the division.

Seriously, Phillip Rivers is a douchebag.