8 in 4: AFC South

by Ryan

Last year we somehow convinced ourselves that we should do NFL previews. It wasn’t the most accurate of experiments, but it was a nice concept at the time. We went through each division and predicted winners, then going back in January to examine how badly we did.

We weren’t really planning on much for this week, but it was brought up by someone that we should do it again. Well, why not? We are a little short on time, however, so we present to you eight divisions in four days.

If you have learned not to believe the hype, please don’t believe any of this, either.

Yeah, we went there. What are you going to do about it, V Young?

4. Tennessee Titans– Vince Young had a bad year, and I really couldn’t tell you who he had to throw to last year. The most recognizable name I see on their roster this year is Alge Crumpler, who seems to love inaccurate arms throwing on the run. Perhaps LenDale and Chris Henry can carry the team, but I’m going with a perhaps not.

“We’re gonna do this one for Joey”

3. Jacksonville Jaguars– I’m not as high on David Garrard as most people are, and considering their recent off-field issues they may make for a volatile group this year. Also, no matter which running back you take (Jones-Drew or Taylor), they will screw you over. Just accept it now and we can all move on.

Hooray for mediocrity!

2. Houston Texans- This may be a complete justification for my picking Matt Schaub in 3 of 4 fantasy leagues (for a backup, mind you), but I don’t care. I think if this team can stay healthy they will be good enough to vie for the division title. Andre Johnson is a huge target, they have plenty of TE depth, and former #1 overall Mario Williams has developed into the player they thought he could be. I’m not making promises, but I do think the Texans will be on our radar as a Wild Card contender come November.

So he really did get mauled by a Bear?

1. Indianapolis Colts- Ho hum, another division title. Every year I look at this division and thank God we don’t play the Colts twice a year. We got the beginning of Manning’s career when he was awful, and we are better off for it. MarHar may be on the downswing, but Reggie Wayne will have another great year and Anthony Gonzalez will be the guy you wish you drafted late. Hey, maybe even Dallas Clark will stay healthy. Peyton will be healthy and do his thing, which will give any team a chance. If the defense rebounds they may have a shot at a first round bye, which means the inevitable Colts/Pats AFC Championship Game has a chance. Just like every year.

One Comment

  1. Kenny

    im sorry but you can’t completely count out the titans defense when you mention them. they’ll probably carry the team to another 2nd place finish and surprise the heck out of every doubter out there.