WTF is Right

I know this is against the Olympic spirit and all, but that is the best picture I’ve seen from Beijing. If there is anything we know, it’s a sporting event that ends with a kick to the face. Usually the ref doesn’t get it, but whatever, these things happen.

Also, I know Usain Bolt is the devil for not shaking hands or something, but Jacques Rogge can go to hell. The man is faster than anyone alive, I think he should be allowed to jump around a bit.

Part of the draw of the Olympics is to see something amazing, and every time he took the track Bolt delivered. Rogge should just be happy he isn’t underage, or protesting human rights, or on PEDs or something. The man was downright fantastic, and him looking into the crowd while setting a world record is something we may never see again.

Maybe I don’t understand the Olympic spirit, but as he said himself, there are bigger problems in the world, problems that the Olympics can’t fix. Leave it alone, and hope everyone has their Passports ready in time for Vancouver.