Welcome to the AFC East, Lorenzo

By Chris

Well things certainly got more interesting in a hurry. Brett Lorenzo Favre is now the quarterback of the New York Jets, meaning the Bills will face him twice this year. It’s one of the rare days where it might actually be a good day to be a Jets fan.

For Bills fans like us, however, the thought is scary. This is the year Buffalo was looking to break the nearly decade-long playoff drought and the Jets, two years removed from their last playoff berth, just got better. The road to the postseason just got a little more crowded.

The Jets have built up their offensive line into a formidable unit (the left side with D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Alan Faneca and Nick Mangold especially) so adding a Hall of Fame quarterback under center should help make them look even better.

The weapons around Favre aren’t spectacular. On the wings, Laveranues Coles is a consistent option and Jericho Cotchery is an emerging threat but the backfield is a bit muddled. Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, Jesse Chatman (formerly of the Dolphins) and Musa Smith (who isn’t Maurice Morris and who played in Baltimore last year) are all likely to share carries at some point. Although the lack of a running game has never really been a setback for the gunslinger. Chris Baker and Bubba Franks (who used to catch Favre passes in the Packers’ end zone) won’t blow you away at tight end, but they’re both decent players that can make plays.

Favre enters the AFC East as the second-best quarterback behind Tom Brady. Heck, with Peyton Manning injured, Favre is probably #2 in the entire conference as well. He’s still prone to the stupid mistakes, but there’s no question that he’s as dangerous as he’s ever been as long as he can stay healthy.

Four games against two of the game’s top quarterbacks. The Bills will definitely need two if not three of them if they want to reach the postseason. It’s a tall order for a defense with high hopes. The Bills finished 31st in the league last year in total yards against. Most of that can be attributed to a depleted line up and two ugly games against New England.

The Bills don’t start divisional play until the second half of the season (Week Eight at Miami to be exact. The Bills don’t play the Jets until November 2) so it will be some time before we know if new additions Marcus Stroud, Kawika Mitchell and Leodis McKelvin (even Paul Posluszny to a certain extent) will be the difference between playing January ball and watching the games on TV. Pressure on the quarterback is going to be key and it will be interesting to see how the Bills adjust to great quarterback play within the division.

So while Jets fans may be smiling, I know one man must be in tears. His cover boy (and man lover) is on the cover of his own game wearing the wrong uniform. To Madden, Favre to the Jets might actually be worse than death.


  1. Joe

    I don’t know what to say.

  2. DCThrowback

    Wasn’t Musa Smith the back-up in Baltimore to McGahee and Jamal Lewis? I think he went to Georgia.

  3. Chris

    yeah you’re right. shotty job by me. i was thinking of maurice morris for some reason.