The Stress Buffalo Unwinds

by Ryan

Thinking about hitting the beach.

Or maybe the pool.

It’s nice, but he’s a bit uneasy because of…

Dolphins. Ew. We better find somewhere else to relax.

There we go. The Stress Buffalo will be ready for the long winter soon enough. He may even have a book to review…


  1. wrap around curl

    The buffalo reads awesome books.

  2. talleywhackers

    Is the buffalo as self referential and self deprecating as Chuck? Obviously. He loves the negative attention.

  3. wrap around curl

    The buffalo hates John Cusack, I imagine. Oh and Radiohead. If he is anything like Chuck.

  4. Ryan

    The Stress Buffalo will never satisfy a woman.

    We will be talking some Klosterman very soon here. Stay tuned.