The Realest Team Alive

by Ryan

Today is the big day.

The Buffalo Sports Blogger’s league is having their fantasy draft today, and of course the Goose’s Roost has a team. This will be an interesting experiment, as we’re not sure anyone has ever done a team with four people on it.

A few weeks back the Dukes of Awesome did a little post making fun of the team names, and of course we were scrutinized for going the “self titled” route. (Hey, it worked for Zep, right?)

The fact of the matter is that we hadn’t decided on a team name. Yet. Well, we have one now. It took a little while to word correctly, but the Goose’s Roost will fight for blogging honor under as:

CARLA, the F–k Lion.

If you don’t get it, kindly refer to this story and immerse yourself into the mind of Marques Slocum.

I’m actually prouder of this team name than the last one, which resulted in this photoshop:

(Answer, by the way: TheWhaleMoneyHit. Not great, I know, but it makes up for itself when other teams play this while you draft…)

As far as drafting for this league, I think Jon and Rich will take up the reigns, as Chris and I are still debating the value of Brandon Marshall as a 3/4th receiver. I think we are in good hands.

We will let you know the results, as well as talk some smack along the way. This is going to be fun.

O, o iss on.


  1. twoeightnine

    Still prefer Roose’s Goost.

  2. Ryan

    If we get into a slump I think it will have to go that direction.

    289, I think I will be shooting an email your direction over the weekend. Just a head’s up…

  3. TheTick

    I would pronounce it ‘Roose’s Juiced’, even.

  4. twoeightnine

    I charge $50 for every email received. Payable in nachos. Or beer. Or women. Or nacho covered women holding a beer.

  5. TheTick

    Be reasonable: would you really want a woman that would cover herself in nachos for only $50 (save the cost of the brew)??

  6. twoeightnine

    Hard times, hard economy. College girls will do anything for $50 worth of blow now.