Sunday Morning is Football Morning

by Ryan

Training camp is just over a week old, and we still haven’t been down to Fisher. Currently I’m hundreds of miles away, but we’ll get to that later. In the absence of any actual analysis, here are some solid Bills links to mull over.

– I can’t wait for preseason football, just so I can watch football again. I don’t care if it is 4th stringers who can’t get fit.

– So far the big news out of camp is the injury of 5th round pick Alvin Bowen. He probably won’t play this year because of a knee injury suffered on Friday. Here’s what Chris Brown says happened:

The injury occurred in the open field and did not involve any contact. Fullback Jonathan Evans had just caught a pass in the flat after coming out of the backfield. Bowen came to close on Evans, who made a cut. The rookie linebacker tried to react to that cut but his right foot stuck in the grass awkwardly as his full body weight bent his leg at an unusual angle over his knee and he fell to the ground.

Bowen was screaming in pain as he immediately grabbed his knee.

That certainly isn’t good for our depth at linebacker, which was… a bit of an issue last year. Hopefully we hear better news soon, but for now the Bills have signed Donnie Spragan to fill a camp spot.

– A few days ago I found an interesting article about possible new owners on Yahoo. I didn’t have a good reason to post it until now. There are so many questions about an ownership change that I just don’t have the brainpower to properly analyze that article at the moment.

– Does anyone actually feel prepared for fantasy football? Like, ever?

– Kevin at BfloBlog has been doing a nice job of tracking the Bills in Toronto ticket sales. Let’s just say things don’t seem to be going as great as they’d like you to think. Of course, sales have picked up since his posting, but the fact that those four million new fans haven’t caught on right away is just so surprising, isn’t it?

– Today the team has a day off, and I’m sure they will enjoy hanging around in a concrete cellar all day. Expect Brian Moorman to get together a mean game of pong at his place.