Stampeding the Archives

by Ryan

We are about halfway through the voting for the Most Insignificant Franchise in Buffalo History, and things are pretty tight in the voting. I’ve been meaning to post about my Buffalo Stampede memorabilia, but I forgot about it until Dani reminded me in the comments. Here we go, your world champion Buffalo Stampede Pogs.

I have no idea why I still have these. The “Milk Kaps” come with a Stampede “slammer” and ten pogs, none of which have anything to do with roller hockey.

Among the Pogs: a bunny rabbit, grim reaper, monster truck, and yes, a boot.

There’s the slammer. Pretty snazzy, and according to some it may be the only one in existence. They may not have any championship banners floating around, but when Pogs come back in style their victory will be celebrated by my mighty hand. I’ll be waiting.

I really have no idea if the above will change anyone’s vote, but I thought this had to be seen. I hope you’ve enjoyed another glimpse into my childhood. Let’s hope September comes before we break out the baby pictures…


  1. Cari

    Ha ha…. I used to have those. =]

  2. bbC

    POGS! I loved those things. The slammers were awesome.