F–k it, I’m Checking Going Down

by Ryan

Did you get a text from Marv Russ Brandon that said Trent Edwards has a right leg injury? I did, and I got it fast too. I knew about Trent’s injury before it even hit the AP wire, so Russ must have sent that bad boy out right after sprinting onto the field to see what the problem was.

We are probably going to see a lot of that this weekend. Few things here. First of all, is anyone safe from Marshawn Lynch? Canadian women, starting quarterbacks, Quesadilla Burgers. No wonder Peters hasn’t come to camp, he doesn’t want to get run over by the Moneymobile.

Second, isn’t this the absolute perfect time to have a quarterback controversy? I mean, you just know J.P. is going to look more than competent with the first team offense on Sunday, and Evans is going to get the ball and be happy, and before you know it we are back to where we were last year. F–k. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The only good news I have for you is this: J.P. is going to air that mother out on Sunday. Think of it this way, even if Edwards plays it won’t be the standard “into the second half” type of 3rd preseason game starters get. Losman is going to get a lot of time, and he is going to look good. Real good. Expect Hardy to get vertical (if he plays), Evans to go long, and Robert Royal to perform well past his potential.