Covering the Bases

by Ryan

So it’s August, and there is absolutely nothing to talk about. I haven’t posted as often as I’d like to be, but I’m in a bit of a “life transition” right now and working a lot.

One good thing about working a lot is all that extra money, and I’ve decided to put some of it to good use. Rich mentioned to me a few days ago that he wanted to buy a Sports Illustrated cover, and after looking at their archives I picked a few out that I’d consider buying myself.

That’s where you come in.

I’m going to show you the ones I like, and let you decide which one I’m going to get. If you want to take a look for yourself and suggest one, by all means. Sometime later today I’ll put up a poll, and whichever one gets the most votes gets put on my credit card.

Here are my picks:

Big Bad Bills, 1991- What a photo that is. I gave my father this one last year, but I wouldn’t mind having one for myself.

Miracle on Ice, 1980- Almost a must have for some. Great picture.

MLB Postseason, 2007- Great photo. This is the last SI I’ve bought, if only for that face.

World Series Red Sox, 2007- I didn’t buy this one, but probably should have. Papelbon leaping in the air was on my desktop for a good six months.

Super Bills- Thurman deserves a spot on my wall somewhere.

Why Hockey is Hot, 1994- Just for the sake of irony, really. It’s just amazing to think of the complete reversal in less than a decade.

So what do you think? I’m well aware that this is a waste of money, so why not influence my waste of money?


  1. Jennifer

    Absolutely “Miracle on Ice”!

  2. TheSharpie

    Miracle on Ice — definitely a must have.

  3. Heather B.

    Miracle on Ice is definitely more iconic but I do really like that photo of Papelbon leaping. I like that there’s less writing on the Miracle on Ice cover though. The picture does all the talking. Yeah, I guess I’d go with that one. But if you want to waste even MORE I’d add Papelbon’s jump.

  4. TheTick

    Is the NBA ‘hot’ now, really?

  5. Porky

    I vote for one of the Bills covers. In lieu of an actual Super Bowl title, the cover of SI is all we got…

  6. Jon

    Gotta pick Super Bills for the teaser above the photo:

    “Mike Tyson’s Rape Trial: Can he win?”