Boom goes the Dynamite, Part Deux

By Jon

The NFL preseason is far too long. The college preseason doesn’t exist. Let’s ask former Bills kicker and current UB color analyst Steve Christie what he thinks…

“Ugh.. I remember the NFL. The preseason was too long.”


Thanks for that hard-hitting analysis, Steve! Now, what did you think of that personal foul that just wiped out a huge UB gain?

“That’s a shame.”

It sure is! So that leaves UB with third and long, what do you expect them to call?
“We should call a pass. We need a first down.”


Needless to say, I was less than impressed with the radio coverage of Thursday night’s UB-UTEP game. Paul Peck was just OK, technical difficulties prevented any sideline reports from Brendan McDaniels (although, they tried and tried to go down to him, despite the choppy audio), and audio from the officials were completely drowned out by the crowd. However, I’m willing to look the other way on all of that. It was the first broadcast on a new station.
There is one man that doesn’t get a pass: Steve Christie. Dare I say it, Christie was the worst color announcer I have ever heard in my life. He consistently referred to UB as “us” and “we,” and UTEP as “them.” He stepped over Peck’s feet all night, interrupting him during important calls with imperative statements like “whoa” and “wow.” He was generally monotone for the entire game, which is mind-boggling considering the excitement surrounding the game.

Have you ever watched a high-school football game on a public access channel where the announcers were completely unproffessional and nearly comical to listen to? That was Christie.

Part of me feels bad ragging on the guy. I mean, it was his first game as an analyst (at least, I think it was.) But some people just aren’t cut out for the gig, and I have a hard time believing that Christie will have a job after this year.

So please, Steve. Stick to kicking and painting, and leave the analysis to the pros.