Update: Blogger Placed on PUP List, Cleared for Posting

by Ryan

This was me at about 1pm yesterday, just before I got a my CT scan. Thankfully they told me it is “only” a concussion, with no further damage or bleeding. However, I was advised not to play any sports for seven days, or whenever the symptoms go away.

I was also given “The Talk” by about eight nurses concerning the use of helmets. I’ll take their advice to heart, but mostly I’m concerned about getting a new player to model my game after.

Not cutting it anymore.

In any event, today is the 4th of July, and I’m going to be honest; you shouldn’t be reading this. Seriously, check in once or twice, read these and leave a comment, then go outside and blow something shiny up. Eat some food. Really, it’s the 4th of July, the Sabres aren’t exactly lighting up the UFA market, and you deserve a break.

I feel pretty bad about the lack of posting around here recently, but I really can’t put many thoughts together with enough coherence to bother posting it. I promise you will see a lot more action around here once my attention span exceeds-(I’m not going to lie, I just zoned out, started watching TV, took some aspirin, and still don’t know what to write here anymore.)

Last year I was in Boston for the 4th, and it was freaking awesome. Not as awesome as this, however:

That guy at the 3:10 mark? That’s me everytime I hear this.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

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  1. Katebits

    Dude. Feel better soon, Ryan!