Two Stupid Things

by Ryan

This, which is probably the stupidest death-related-Cubs-fan story I’ve ever seen. There is a joke about all Cubs fans turning to dust waiting for a championship somewhere in there, but I’m too tired to make it.

This, which is by far the most predictable story of the summer, is re-freaking-diculous. Just go away already. Everyone either loves or hates you, and coming back will only turn more people to the latter opinion.

Can’t we just leave it at this? So much cleaner this way. Bret, there are no fancy graphics packages or stirring tributes involved when you are a backup quarterback. Ask Vinny Testaverde.

One Comment

  1. Joe

    I am a die hard Packers fan through and through, but come on Favre. What the hell? Who does that? You had your chance to come back and now you want to renege?

    I know you want to end on a high note and feel it again one last time, but you had your chance and it wasn’t likely to happen anyway. You had the glory, now let the kid take a swing because after all of this retirement bull, we aren’t gonna pull the rug out under him and put him back on the bench.

    Chris and Jon know that I have always defended Favre in previous years and always have been happy to have him play, but if he comes under center in different colors next season, I will lose any shred of respect I have for the guy.