The reinforcements…are arriving?

By Chris

Looks like we might have our sixth defensemen.

Henrik Tallinder-Toni Lydman
Jaroslav Spacek-Craig Rivet
Nathan Paetsch

“Teppo wants to play and he plays a style of game none of us see any reason that he can’t play,” Regier said following the Sabres’ HSBC Arena news conference to officially announce goaltender Ryan Miller’s five-year contract extension. “As long as he’s healthy and all indications are that he is, we’d like to have him.

“He’s one of these players league-wide that even with the recognition he’s gotten, he’s underappreciated. We got to experience some of that ‘underappreciation’ last year.”

At the right price and if he’s healthy, Teppo would be a nice addition. I’m not exactly the biggest Numminen supporter in the world (understatement of the year…especially when he was playing with Kalinin–heart attack pairing of the ages), but for $1 million and 60-some games, I wouldn’t really have a problem with the Sabres bringing him back.

He’s a veteran who’s been with the team for a few years now. He understands the game better than most and can provide a lot of the leadership that was missing last season.

If not, then the possibility of bringing back Nolan Pratt is another fine option.

Regier said if the Sabres don’t strike a deal with Numminen, they might revisit bringing back Nolan Pratt. The Sabres signed him for $550,000 last November and he played 55 games, collecting one goal and six assists while finishing at plus-1.

Either way, the Sabres need at least one more NHL-caliber defenseman on the roster and either Numminen or Pratt would be a good fit and would allow for Mike Weber to continue developing in Portland. I know I’m not holding my breath to see if Paetsch ever finds his game again.

Lindsay Kramer
of the Post-Standard in Syracuse is also reporting that the Sabres have signed left winger Matthieu Darche to a one-year, two-way deal with the Sabres.

“I figured that’s where I’ll have a good chance,” he said of the Sabres. “Lindy Ruff is a lot like (ex-Tampa Bay coach) John Tortorella. You get what you deserve. I decided the fit was good in Buffalo, and I liked the talk I had with (Sabres GM) Darcy Regier.”

It looks like the type of deal I half-expected the Sabres to sign Mike Ryan to (and maybe the still will although that seems very unlikely now).

Darche has size (6-foot-1, 210 pounds) but according to his‘s scouting report, he’s not the most fluid skater.

He seems to be a good depth guy for Portland. I doubt we’ll see him in a Sabres jersey unless the injury bug bites them again.

Right now the Pirates are looking something like this:

1. Matthieu Darche
2. Nathan Gerbe
3. Marc-Andre Gragnani
4. Dylan Hunter
5. Tim Kennedy
6. Clarke MacArthur
7. Mark Mancari
8. Felix Schutz
9. Derek Whitmore
10. Marek Zagrapan

1. Chris Butler
2. Mike Card
3. Mike Funk
4. Mike Kostka
5. Mike Weber

1. Adam Dennis
2. Jhonas Enroth

Also, Clarke MacArthur would not have to clear waivers to play for Portland, so he is an option for the Pirates roster in October.

If I missed anything, let us know. I did this off the top of my head (it’s not as easy posting from work as you’d think).

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  1. TheTick

    I hope they can keep all those Mikes and Marks straight up there.