The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade: Chris Taylor

By Jon

In a quest to determine The Most Insignificant Sabre of

the Last Decade, The Goose’s Roost will profile one effectively useless player a day. After the profiles are all said and done, we will put up a poll with all of the finalists. The player receiving the most votes will be crowned Most Insignificant.

Today’s finalist comes courtesy of Peter Farrell at The Ultimate Sports Road Trip, former Sabres forward Chris Taylor.

Chris Taylor

1990 (Round 2) by the New York Islanders

Acquired by the Sabres: Signed as a free agent on August 13, 1999.

Regular season stats as a Sabre: 90 games, 8 goals, 12 assists, 20 points, 32 PIM. Not quite a point-a-game player.

Playoff stats as a Sabre: 2 games, 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points, 2 PIM

After Buffalo: After coming to Buffalo by way of the Islanders, Kings, and Bruins, Taylor stayed in the Sabres organization for two seasons after seeing his final action with the big club, captaining the Amerks through the 05-06 season. As is the case with all of the finalists so far, Taylor headed overseas, playing for the Frankfurt Lions for the past two seasons.

Ebay swag: I could only find one piece of Chis Taylor merchandise on Ebay (this 1995-96 rookie card), however this guy is kind enough to show off the crown jewel of his online merchandise collection: A pair of game-used socks worn by Taylor himself.

I would question the legitimacy of the socks, but who would lie about owning a pair of Chris Taylor’s socks? Also available, a pair of practice-worn socks by Andrew Peters and another wore by Mike Ryan. That guy should get an extra vote; He obviously knows a thing or two about insignificant Sabres.

Why Taylor should be The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade: Last night, when Ryan and I were discussing who the remaining finalists should be, Ryan grabbed his media guide and was convinced that Taylor had only played two games as a Sabre, when in fact he had mistakingly looked up Taylor’s playoff stats. That’s how insignificant he was: It was completely believable that Chris Taylor played in 88 less games than he actually did. Also, 20 points over 90 games isn’t going to cut it for a forward, whether you’re a defensive forward or not.

Why Taylor should not be Most Insignificant: He did play for 90 games as a Sabre, and some fans might consider him significant for being “that bastard that wore 16 after LaFontaine was traded.”

That does it for Chris Taylor. We’ll be back tomorrow with our last finalist, and then we will put it up for a vote. Is Chris Taylor The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade?

UPDATE: We’re gonna hold off on the last finalist until Monday. The poll will also be up after we post our last finalist.




  1. GCFB

    The lack of Bob Essensa is astonishing. He was like Thibault, but worse.

  2. Ryan

    He only played in nine games. I wanted him pretty badly, too, but he didn’t make the cut. Thorburn either, only two games played total. So sad…

  3. brian s.

    I’m really hoping for Roman Ndur as the last finalist. But I also wouldn’t be upset if it was Peters or Michael Ryan.

  4. TheTick

    Can’t be this guy, I wasn’t following the NHL that close back then but I remember him.

  5. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Chris Taylor was a long time Amerk—not sure if that diminishes the insignificant luster.