The Most Insignificant Franchise in Buffalo History

By Jon

After the success of our “Most Insignificant Sabre” series, we have decided to continue the series, this time taking a look at The Most Insignificant Franchise in Buffalo History (kudos to Brian S. for the idea.)

For those new to the Roost, here’s how it will work: Nominations will be taken in the comments of this thread until Monday. We will then pick a few franchises as finalists, and we’ll run one profile a day. Then it’s up to the readers: A poll will be up on the Roost for a week, with the winning franchise receiving the title of The Most Insignificant Franchise in Buffalo History.

In order for a franchise to be nominated, the team must have played its home games in the Western New York area, and must have been in at least a semi-professional league. There is no minimum requirement for games or seasons played, and it can be a franchise that is still in existence (I’m looking at you Buffalo Dragons.)

For a little help, check out this Wiki page.

Like I said before, the first team will be profiled on Monday, so be sure to get your nominations in quickly!


  1. sabresfan88

    Buffalo Stampede- only had one season (although they did win a championship)

    Buffalo Gamblers (no wikipedia page, but I remember them…I think I went to their inaugural game)

  2. Zach

    Queen City FC. Plays now but I bet you that no one knows about them.

  3. Joe Goehle

    I think that the Buffalo Blizzard deserve a nomination.

    1. I mean, I am not a huge soccer fan to begin with.

    2. Never made it past the quarterfinals.

    3. They somehow added purple to buffalo colors? Spyke?

    4. Tickets always seemed to be free (one of the few games I went to gave out free box seats with the buffet and the works)

    5. Kenan Ball always seemed like a way more popular alternative.

    I believe all of the above warrant a nomination. A not so proud piece of history from the Aud?

  4. Ryan

    Awww Zach had my sleeper pick. Queen City FC will be tough to beat. I want to check them out, too…

  5. GCFB

    Do the Buffalo Gladiators count?

  6. M.J.

    I STILL cannot believe that somehow in all this insignificance – no one has mentioned Andy Delmore. He’s like the poster child.

  7. Chris

    On the ice, Delmore was about as insignificant as Mike Ry—errrr Andrew Peters.

    Off the ice though, Delmore was supposed to be a powerplay savior after racking up a bunch of points the previous season in Nashville. “The Reinforcements Have Arrived.” Riiight. Delmore was a significant bust even if he was “only” making $1 million in 03-04.

    And as for franchises, I had way too much fun at Blizzard games to deem them most insignificant.

    The Dragons will be tough to beat.

  8. Zach

    Yeah I would have to disagree on the Blizzard as well. They had a small impact on the community while they were in town.

  9. Joe

    Like I said, I am not a soccer fan. It never did much for me, and I feel like I have to be at least familiar with the team to deem it significant.

  10. Chris

    That and I’m like third cousins to Rudy and Randy so I’m obligated to look out for them.

  11. dani

    I must agree with Chris and Zack on disagreeing.

    I have to say Buffalo Gamblers… because I don’t even know what sport that is. There must be high rollers involved?

  12. Ebscer

    I have to go with the Jamestown Vikings. Never heard of them until they all got drunk and tore a hotel apart and then folded…

  13. brian s.

    I’m slightly upset I missed the nomination period since I was out of town all weekend. However, I would still like to put the Buffalo Wings up for this “award.” I vaguely remember this roller hockey team during my high-school years when they were showing games on ESPN2. Or the Buffalo Sharks. I had no idea there was an ABA team in Buffalo. Also can we have the Buffalo Braves nominated just because they’re now the LA Clippers?

  14. Ryan

    There’s still time to nominate. Jon’s been lazy, and we haven’t even started yet… I like the Stampede pick. I have pogs from them. Seriously.