The Football Post

by Ryan

I want to get back into football.

I’ve joined two fantasy football leagues, but I have done no research yet. I want to go to training camp, but I have barely looked at the Bills roster since the draft. Something is wrong here, and it’s going to change soon.

We’re really not sure if anyone actually comes here to hear about the Bills, but we are by design a Buffalo Sports blog, and all of us care just a little too much about football to let it slide.

With that in mind, the next book I’m reading is Michael Lewis’ The Blind Side. That will be done before the week is up. Seriously, it’s a great read and I killed 100 or so pages last night alone. We will also start getting some fantasy… things together (Roost league, anyone?), and talking about some team names for sure.

Also, to get you back in the mood for football, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve seen around the blogosphere:

– The Dukes of Awesome have a nice post about Bills books to get you through the summer. They also have an awesome poster of Jim Kelly, which I wish I had.

– Buffalo Rumblings, which is probably the best Bills site on the web, has an interview with John DiGiorgio. That’s just the start of the great material they have over there, so if you have the football itch like me check them out. Just don’t ask to be traded if they make you a backup.

– Bills tickets go on sale August 21st. Just saying.


  1. sabresfan88

    Roost League?

    Sign me up.

  2. eppic

    waitwaitwait. If you guys are starting a league, the Dukes want in. And you also then have to join our league. it’ll be like the NFL vs. CFL vs. AFL vs. WFL vs. XFL (R.I.P.)

    On second thought, we should do a buffalo blogger league SO WE CAN KICK YOUR ASS. YES I STARTED IT OBNOXIOUSLY.

  3. Ryan

    I’m almost positive bfloblog will have a league this fall, so perhaps we should talk to him about doing a buffalo bloggers league. We are doing a hockey one for sure, though.


    O ISS ON!

  4. firsttimelongtime

    Count FirstTimeLongTime in. I am expecting BIG things from JP Losman this fall…

  5. Kevin

    All right, let’s make it an all-bloggers league.

    Watch your e-mail.