The Five Worst Deals of the Season

by Ryan

The pricing for the 2008-09 season has been announced, and just like the record industry, the Sabres have gone platinum. Of course this means that we will be paying even more money to get inside HSBC Arena. The addition of a fifth tier means even more crappy games that will cost you even more to see.

So, while we wait for our minipack forms to come via snail mail, let me share with you my picks for the five worst ways to see a hockey game out of the Slugs.

1. Friday, November 7th: Atlanta- (Silver) What, are we paying for Ron Hainsey’s contract or something? Every game on a Friday is a silver or higher, but this is by far the worst. Keep in mind, people, Don Waddell is still in charge down there.

2. Friday, December 19th: Los Angeles- (Silver) Have the Kings done anything to improve this off season? I know the proximity to Christmas will drive the value of this game up, but the Kings are an awful team, and last time I checked Justin Timberlake was their most consistent goaltender. Not worth much more than a bronze at best.

3. Saturday, December 27th: Islanders- (Gold) Wow, I never thought I’d see an Isles game go gold. Ted Nolan is gone, so is Miro Satan, and with that goes any interest I have in paying a bill to see Mike Comrie and DiPi roll into town. Again, Christmas is a wonderful holiday, but so is watching the game on an HDTV and playing with all the cool crap you got two days before. I’ll take the couch for this one.

4. Friday, February 6th: Montreal (Platinum) It’s too easy of a pick, but every other Habs game is a gold. Go on opening night instead, leave this one to those with the funny money. (That’s what they want us to do with these, right?)

5. Saturday, January 17th: Carolina (Silver) It’s actually not too bad a game, Canes games are always fun. However, when there is a Bronze just a month later also on the weekend, why pay the extra money? Save that cash and buy a seat to see St. Louis earlier in the year.

Your picks for worst value in the comments if you’d like.