The Five Best Deals of the Season

by Ryan

Judging from the great lukewarm response from the last post about the schedule, I wasn’t going to do one about the five best deals of the year.

However, guess what came in the mail yesterday?

That’s right, the mini pack is here, and it’s time to pick some hockey games. To quote Chris, “Yahoo.” So, here are my picks for the five best values of the year.

1. Thursday, October 30th: Tampa Bay (Value)- I know everyone has already tabbed the Blues game as the best value out there, but consider this: No matter what happens Tampa Bay will be fun to watch. Either it’s going to be a brilliant combination of Penguins, Mullets, and four defenseman; or it will be a complete and utter s#*tshow. Either way, you’re not willing to pay $30 bucks to see that?

2. 10/27 and 2/17: Ottawa (Bronze)- I know these are midweek games, but don’t we still hate Ottawa? I know I do, and I can’t pass these up when compared to a gold Islanders game.

3. Monday, December 22nd: Pittsburgh (Silver)- This is the best value as far as opponent (East Champs), Date (days before Christmas), and compared to similar games (Other Pens game is a gold). If you are going to splurge, I say make it here.

4. Tuesday, February 24th: Anaheim (Bronze)- The Ducks don’t come around that often, and they are still a very good team. I’d like to take a closer look at the West this year, and this seems like a good chance to see a good team for cheap.

5. Monday, April 6th: Detroit (Silver)- Chris and I agree, Detroit is the team to see this year. Even if we are in the basement by season’s end, they will be fighting for something, most likely the President’s Trophy. It could be a huge game against a huge team, and I can’t pass that up. If not for it being a Monday, it would easily be a gold.


  1. Chris

    Check the tape. Did I really say, “Yahoo?” Really?

  2. Ryan

    Oh, you did.

  3. Chris

    In hindsight, I think we can add the Sharks game to this list.