Sabres Variable Pricing Announced


Looks like your best bets are weeknight games in October, December and February.

I’m looking at games to select for my own mini-pack and I’ve eyed out seven games so far. Four bronze games and three silver (Boston in October, Tampa and Pittsburgh in December, Ottawa in February and the San Jose, Anaheim and Detroit games).

With the Canadian dollar as strong as it is right now, it’s no surprise that the Sabres are looking to take full advantage of those weekend games against teams north of the border. It is a bit of a bummer, however, that there are only three value games this year and that the last one is as early as December 1.

There are a nice stretch of home games in December and many of those are within reasonable value, especially on the weeknights (New Jersey, Pittsburgh and Ottawa).

The West Coast team mainly come into town on Friday nights and with the addition of the platinum tier, a silver ticket isn’t that bad of a deal ($50 for 300 IV is still kind of pricey, but consider that the Sabres are still one of the cheapest tickets in the league).

Overall, it’s a fair schedule. Sure both Philly and Rangers games are gold but it’s because they’re being played on the weekends.

Of those seven, I’ll probably have to narrow it down to four or five. Maybe sacrifice the bronze Ottawa so I can go to the Sharks game.

Only thing left to do now is wait for the order form to come in the mail.

Is it October yet?