Radoslav Hecl: The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade

By Jon

The people have spoken; It’s finally time to name The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade.Garnering 47 percent of the votes, former Sabres defenseman Radoslav Hecl is our winner. It was never a contest, with Hecl leading the voting right from the get-go.


Really, was there any question? He couldn’t have been more insignificant. Less than a calendar year with the organization, no points, and a crazy last name to boot (For the record, it’s pronounced “HEHSH-uhl,” according to the 19th Annual Edition of the NHL Pronunciation Guide, which is edited by Mike Emrick. Really. I’m not making it up.)

Final results of the poll:

  • Radoslav Hecl 47 percent
  • Domenic Pittis 13 percent (tie)
  • Jason Holland 13 percent (tie)
  • Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre 10 percent
  • Paul Kruse 8 percent
  • Chris Taylor 4 percent

The Goose’s Roost would like to thank everyone who participated in the series, especially those who voted.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Do you want to see similar series run at The Goose’s Roost in the future? Maybe something with the Bills? Let us know, because it’s a loooooonng summer.

UPDATE: Ryan has come up with a proper way to immortalize Hecl, but only because he has far too much time on his hands.


  1. sabresfan88

    I like it. Anything with obscure sports information is going to get my approval.

  2. Anne

    Because the fewest people deemed him most insignificant, should Chris Taylor then be dubbed the “Most Significant Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade”?

  3. brian s.

    I think this could be the start of a great series for the Roost. It’s definitely possible to do it for the Bills, and maybe do it by decade for both teams. The bigger question in my mind is what is/was the most insignificant Buffalo team? Between the Blizzard, Stallions, Braves, Destroyers, etc. there are quite a few choices.

    I’m also proud that my nominee won this contest.

  4. Jon

    Shouldn’t the banner be red and black? I’m just sayin….

  5. Ryan

    The banner should be whatever is easiest for me to make in an hour. I too had to “run” this evening…

    Also, the “most insignificant buffalo franchise would be an excellent series. Brian, you know your insignifigance, and that is absolutely a compliment.

  6. GCFB

    The Buffalo Silverbacks were pretty insignificant. Or the Buffalo Rapids. Or would that be the Buffalo Sharks.

  7. brian s.

    Thanks. I think.

  8. sabresfan88

    Don’t forget the Buffalo Wings and the Buffalo Gamblers.

  9. Porky

    It's a natural that this contest be followed up with separate votes for Most Insignificant Sabre (MIS) of the 1990s, 1980s & 1970s. The "winners" would then face off in a steel-cage grudge match to determine the MIS of all-time.