Michael Bishop is a Genius

by Ryan

So the Toronto Argonauts “spoke out” about the Bills in Toronto nonsense last night on TSN’s “Off the Record”. I don’t get TSN, but their website made a nice little story out of it to recap. Also, the video is here if you are interested, which I’m sure you are.

My summary: Blah blah blah “our turf” blah blah blah. “It’s about money” blah blah blah.

Also, it appears someone on the team is willing to piss on my backyard, whatever that means.

In short, they aren’t exactly happy about it. Now that’s a surprise. I mean, would you be excited if you were a corner store and a Super WalMart was being built across the street? I wouldn’t be throwing out the welcome mat in the locker room in this case either.

However, the best line I’ve seen in months on the issue came from Michael Bishop, the Argos backup quarterback. I’m not feeling up to transcribe the conversation, so let’s quote the article:

Bishop even brought up the idea of having the Argonauts take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Buffalo and giving the NFL a taste of their own medicine.

Brilliant. Way to show us Buffalonains for exporting our football. Let’s hit us where it hurts, with a CFL game with no infrastructure to support the playing field necessary. That’s like having Olympic hockey played on an NHL sized rink. Oh, oops.

In any event, the idea is a bit absurd to begin with. I can’t imagine the Ti-Cats or Argos coming away with much gained in such a venture, although I suppose that would actually help the area in terms of filling the venue for an extra game and giving the economy a nice boost.

Hey, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all. I guess the question is, would you go? I’m not so sure I wouldn’t give it a try, if only to see how small the bench areas would be.

Roger Goodell, quake with fear, this idea is about to get some legs.

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  1. talleywhackers

    Michael Bishop’s resume:

    Backup QB, CFL
    Drew Bledsoe’s backup, 2000 (played one game)
    KSU QB (admittedly pretty good)
    Winner, Davey O’Brien Award for best college QB in the nation, beating out the veritable Cade McNown in 1998.

    Cade McNown. Yeah…