1. doublekccq

    i think the pudge for
    farnsworth(less) trade was amazing. the yankees need a solid catcher now that it’s clear posada wont be back. No offense to Molina but he can’t hit (and neither can Moeller for that matter). I would have loved if they could have got Joe Mauer but since the likelihood of that happening is about as great as aaron boone being remembered for anything other then his series winning homer against boston, I’m happy with the way things just the way they are!

  2. Chris

    Boone will also be remembered for blowing out his knee playing pick up basketball and putting the A-Rod trade in motion.

    As a Yankees fan, I like the Pudge deal a lot. Molina isn’t terrible but Moeller was. Even if Pudge can only catch four or five times a week, the combination of Pudge-Molina will beat Molina-Moeller any day.

  3. Chris

    And it looks like they listened to the kid.

  4. Quast

    I guess its time to say…
    hello Jason Bay

    Think he’ll be giving high fives to people in the stands or making trade demands for Brett Favre?

    As a Yanks fan, I’m happy to see Manny go because he always seemed to come up with the big hit against us.