Jay McKee has The Seven Year Itch

by Ryan

So this is sure to scald your retinas for the afternoon. St. Louis Blue Dan Hinote got married on Friday to Amy McCarthy, and they had an interesting wedding theme: The 1950s. More specifically, they had their guests dress up as celebrities from that era.

No, really.

During the dinner, the groom addressed his friends, family and fans. “It’s been a wonderful day for my beautiful bride and me,” he said. “You must be a bunch of screwed up people to dress up like the ’50s, right? I have a teammate dressed as a woman.”

So Jim Carrey was Castro, I guess that makes sense. However, who was the woman?

Jay McKee.

Befitting the occasion, St. Louis defenseman Jay McKee donned a blond wig, Seven Year Itch white dress and heels. Scary sight. Post cake-cutting, Hinote and McCarthy changed into Danny Zucko and Sandy Olsen costumes.

So, uh… somehow I can’t picture that at all. Here, let’s try this:

Yeah. Holy God. I think I need to lie down for a bit.


  1. Anne

    Its like Jay McKee is trying to help me out as I write my manifesto detailing why we should bring him back to Buffalo.

  2. Ryan

    Wait, that’s helping?

  3. Heather B.

    I can’t believe we haven’t seen leaked cell phone pictures of this yet. What’s wrong with the people who attended that wedding?!

  4. M.J.

    Jenny is for sure the prettier sister.

    Bachelorette vets Ryan and Trista Sutter

    wow, random.