by Ryan

So things are moving along nicely with The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade, which is surprising considering I’m not involved at all.

Anyways, a few pictures have been brought to our attention, and they have only brought up more questions when it comes time to finally vote.

First of all let’s address the fans of Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre. Jean-Luc, or “Double Hyphen” as I like to call him, had two separate jersey sightings by our very own Jon and Porky from Side of Pork.

Jon provided a photo for the original post:

And just last night Porky came through with this bad boy:

This was taken at the Winter Classic, and if you are dumbfounded that he is standing next to a guy in a Curtis Brown jersey, you aren’t alone.

Now, here’s the question: are these two people one in the same? They are both white jerseys, but the one from the Classic appears to be a CCM. Jon’s fan seems to be turned at an angle that could obscure the tag on the back, but they seem to wear the jersey a bit differently.

This one’s up to you guys, really. If your vote will be somehow affected if it turns out he has two distinct fans, then so be it. I’m still shocked those two jerseys still exist.

Our second picture comes from Anne of Sabretooth’s House, who dug deep and found a picture of Jason Holland in a Sabres jersey. The link to that picture is here, but it’s too small to post here. However, I wondered something when I saw that card: Who is that behind Holland?

There were two possible candidates: Alexi Yashin, or Randy Cunneyworth. Both are possible, and if it’s Cunneyworth, well, it seems we have come full circle.

This is Yashin, who sort of fits the bill if you ask me. He is my best guess, but don’t we all hope it’s…

Cunneyworth? I completely forgot he was the Sens’ captain at one point, which only shows you what a laughingstock the team was at the time.

I know this post is lacking answers and only poses more questions, but I thought you’d want this information at your disclosure. Anyone have some ideas?


  1. Becky

    The Arena marks down old jerseys a lot when a player is let go, and did a wholesale dumping when switching logos…Maybe buying Grand-Pierre was a matter of owning ANY jersey rather than that specific one.

    Did you ever wonder if the people who owned Zubrus, Bernier, etc jerseys (when they first got to Buffalo) may have acquired them through a basket raffle or some other free means?

  2. Ben

    thats awesome, you guys are tracking that dude like sasquatch.