Christmas in July

by Ryan

To those of you who purchased one of these:

We here in the Roost have a gift for you:

With a seam ripper you’re just a few minutes of work away from a shiny new blank jersey. No need to drop another few bills on a new uni when you can just recycle. Perhaps you can re-invest a few numbers and get one of these bad boys:

This is just another lesson for us all: always buy jerseys based on contract length.



  1. Anne

    Hey! You don’t even need to take the 5 off! It’s practically already a Rivet jersey. Or you can just toss it in the pile with your Zubrus jersey you bought in a frenzy last April.

  2. Ryan

    At least with Zubes you got a few months of use out of it. The shelf life of a Bernier jersey was 38 days. Disgusting.

  3. Becky

    And here I am hoping for at least one more year for my #61…2 years wear is much better than 38 days or a few months.

    I only bought a Zubrus t-shirt (from 289). Just as many people know who it is now as when I bought it 🙂

  4. ogre39666

    terrible trade!!!!!

    one of the few times I have questioned Darcy over the years…