After Thirteen Hours

by Ryan

So it’s official: I’m concussed.

With that in mind, let’s go with some quick hits because I can’t seem to keep thoughts straight for very long.

-Did it occur to anyone else that Brian Campbell gets to play in another “F@#kin’ Stupid Ice Bowl“? I’m sure he’s thrilled.

Mirtle has the remaining free agents. Thank God, because I lost track of everything at about 5pm today.

– I sympathize with Tim Connolly. This sucks.

– A Subway commercial just used the word “Yumrocket”. Holy F#$k.

– Hockeybuzz was hilarious today. Really, I don’t care if they count my page views, the comedy is golden.

– This is the plastic version of our new backup:

Yup, that’s the kind of thing I want forever frozen in time.

– My assessment of the Leafs: Hagman=good. Finger=bad. CuJo=meh.

– The latest on Free Candy isn’t so great. I’d say he isn’t worth $5 million, so let’s see what he gets tomorrow.

– Two re branding issues were resolved over the last 48 hours: Goose re-signed so we don’t have to change the name of the site, and Soup didn’t sign with the Sabres, so we don’t have to start writing about Nazi kittens. Glad that threat is gone.

– If the Sabres sign Ron Hainsey, my fantasy sleeper list may be ruined.

– Does anyone know what’s going on in Tampa?

– Freaking Rays.

– Can we throw Peters under the bus yet? I have a photoshop all ready and everything. Please?

– Make sure you get in your last few suggestions for our Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade. Starting tomorrow we pick a few to profile, then set up a vote. What can I say, it’s exciting times here in the Roost.

– This is a nice hat. I like this hat.

Do it.


  1. twoeightnine

    Where do I get that hat?

  2. Ryan

    At Dunn Tire Park. Probably the New Era Store as well, but I got mine at the ballpark. $27 bucks.

  3. twoeightnine

    Bah. That’s a long drive for a hat. The online version through the team sucks too.