Roost Off: The Love Guru

So Chris and I set out to do a big feature on “The Love Guru”. He was supposed to trash the movie and I was supposed to defend it.

Unfortunately, I watched the trailer again and it went something like this:

Ryan: Okay. I’m going to be honest, this will be tough to defend.

(22 minutes later)

Ryan: I thought I could try defending it, but I just can’t. It really looks that awful.

So yeah, that went really well. Chris and I both think the movie will be terrible, but there were some bright spots in the conversation. Sorta.(Spoiler Alert?)

Ryan: My problem with the movie is that on paper it looks pretty funny. Myers is okay, Malco was good in the 40 Year Old Virgin. Colbert, Gaffigan, John Oliver, all of them are funny guys.

Chris: The announcing team has potential. Like in Dodgeball or Best in Show.

Ryan: Timberlake has proven he can be funny.

But it’s not going to be enough to carry it. No way I drop ten bucks to see his stunt double play goal for the Kings. J.S. Aubin was available, right?

Ryan: The problem I see is what you said earlier, Chris, it’s the same old same old. Just look over the character names.

Chris: The punny names worked for Austin Powers because they were rip offs of Bond names. I think the midget jokes were old halfway through Austin Powers 3. I’m not sure midget is the proper term, though. Maybe we should just link to “Little People Big World.”

Ryan: Surprisingly, Verne Troyer coaching the Leafs is probably the most realistic aspect of this movie.

Ryan: So here’s the thing that really matters: is this good for hockey?

Chris: Revenue wise? Yes. They’re getting a helluva lotta money for it. However, it’s going to be one of those movies that people just forget about.

Ryan: Keep in mind that we are somewhat intelligent human beings who happen to like hockey. What does this do for the ordinary American?

Chris: For the ordinary American it’s just another Mike Meyers movie…

Ryan: …that happens to highlight the most popular hockey team on the continent.

Chris: I don’t think the hockey will play to the general public. It’s just kind of there in a bad movie. In Canada, people will be pissed, especially since the Leafs win the Cup.

Ryan: To be fair, Bryan Adams has done more damage to the country than Myers ever will.

Chris: I’m a big fan of “Everything I Do”…

So as I said, that went pretty badly. Leave your thoughts on Brian Adams and his impact on NAFTA in the comments, and expect something worth reading around… 2ish.

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  1. firsttimelongtime

    I know that we are news guys on the block but I thought that I would extend an invite to a gathering of sorts tonight at hsbc. I think it might be a good chance for a bunch of buffalo sports bloggers to get together and enjoy some two dollar beers.

    let us know what you think.