Paperwork Night in Kanata

by Ryan

So I’m going to be honest and admit I don’t know much about this year’s draft class. Last year we got to know our draft picks after the fact with a little thing we like to call Facebooking the Draft Class. Now while that will be something to do next week, I did want to get a feel for what we are looking at tonight.

It is a bit difficult to do, however. With two first round picks and rumors that we may be moving up, who really knows what is possible, let alone what importance a mock draft holds. The Sabres could be picking from two (or one) completely different spots once things get sorted out. We’ve been hearing for some time that it is a very deep draft this year, and with Darcy looking at three different players, I’d be satisfied if we came away with one of the three.

The interesting thing about hockey’s draft is that sometimes it is more about trades than anything. Last year didn’t follow that trait as true, but the topic of trades is always on the forefront and will be all weekend. Heck, remember last year’s draft night we were talking about Maxim Afinogenov being traded? Yup, same topic for tonight, and all summer as well.

The Buffalo News had a teaser up about the draft, which had some riveting information enclosed.

Regier said there were a number of phone calls regarding the Sabres’ first-round selections (Nos. 13 and 26), and he placed more than he received. He is interested in moving up to make sure the Sabres get one of the three players they are targeting, but he’s not alone.

That’s actually a whole bunch of nothing. It could mean he received one call and dialed the phone twice, or it could mean he called for room service once and got a confirmation call twenty minutes later. Whatever it means, we may or may not have a few less forwards by the time pick #13 rolls around, and I think I can live with that.

If you are heading down to the Arena tonight for the Draft Party, an undefinable amount of Roost members will be in attendance. So if you want to say hi, find the coolest looking guy there. I’ll be carrying his man-bag full of autographs.