By Jon

A while back, Chris and I passed back and forth a piece of paper, trying to list the entire 1998-99 Sabres lineup from memory. After naming all of the obvious selections, we were struggling for the last few role players. While we tried to remember when Donald Audette left town (and for that matter, when he came back) and whether or not Erik Rasmussen was around yet, Chris came up with a guy that I had completely forgot about (as a player, at least): Randy Cunneyworth.

Cunneyworth’s stats for the regular season were as follows: 14 games; 2 goals; 2 assists; zero memories. Some may argue that playing three games in the Cup Finals would warrent something to remember Randy by, but I’ll beg to differ. How many people even remembered Cunneyworth was on that team before I jogged your memory? Anybody?

So that got me thinking. Who else have I forgotten about? I went back and looked at all of the rosters over the past decade or so, and there were a bunch of names that I had forgotten about (i.e. Cunneyworth) and a few names that I had simply never heard of before (Mike Hurlbut, anyone?).

So I ask you, dear readers: Who is The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade? Over the next few weeks, I’ll profile a few of the names found on the rosters of teams past, and with the help of you in the comments, we will crown a former or current player as the unlucky winner.

Now, there are far too many players that have had a quick cup of coffee to make a case for one over the other; There is simply no way someone can prove that Dominic Pittis meant less to the franchise than Peter Skudra (who played for exactly one minute during the 2000-01 season. Take that little nugget of knowledge and impress all of your friends!), so some criteria needs to be established.

Here’s how things will work:

Any player nominated for The Most Insignificant Sabre of the Last Decade must have played in at least ten games from the 1998-99 season through this past season. If you nominate a player, please be ready to prove their insignificance. I’ll then confer with the others in the Roost, and profile the five players we decide are most worthy of the title. After that, we’ll throw up a poll and officially crown a player as Most Insignificant.

So have at it! Let us know who you remember as being the least memorable! Leave your nominations in the comments.


  1. spavery

    Remember Vladimir Tsyplakov? His name, coupled with his high degree of insignificance and his rather sudden disappearance (I have no idea what happened to him) ought to earn him a least a nomination…

  2. Ryan

    Finally, something to justify my media guide.

    I’ll throw up a few ideas later, I’m curious to see what other people can come up with…

  3. dave in Rocha

    Paul Kruse.

    I don’t know if he satisfies the 10-game-minimum or not, but he’s my nomination. Either him or Roman Ndur.

  4. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Sean McMorrow—I think—got called up for one game against the Leafs and had a shitty fight.

    Or how about Jason Botterill.

    Sorry about the spellings…

  5. brian s.

    I agree with Paul Kruse as he was the first I came up with, too. After looking through those rosters, what about Radoslav Hecl? He played 14 games in 02-03, never played in the NHL before or since, and has the following stat line: G – 0, A – 0, Pts – 0, PIM 2. To me that is the definition of insignificant.

  6. Ben

    Hecl is an awesome pick, I have absolutely never heard of that guy. And you would think, 14 games…

  7. Pat

    I completely disagree that Randy Cunneyworth was the most insignificant Sabre. I happen to have a photo with the man from an autograph session at an Applebees.

    I know … Huge collector’s item.

    Just because his line had no people in it, does not make him insignificant. He’s an icon in the Neighborhood.

  8. Jonathan Grant Keller

    i’m surprised there hasnt been an andrew peters joke by now

  9. Ryan


    I’ve had one in draft for about two months now. The sad thing is that I was waiting for them to cut him, but the deeper into the summer we get the less likely that is.

    Also some ideas…

    Brad Brown
    Jeff Jillson
    Chris Thorburn

    Looking back on it, Peters isn’t a bad pick…

  10. Jonathan Grant Keller

    nice to see that list ryan…poor bob essensa…plays only 9 games, loses 5 (0-5) and the chance to be the most insignificant sabre…this is making my insomnia fun!

  11. Jon

    Bob Essensa was significant because he was soooooo bad. Is it better to be remembered for being bad than not being remembered at all?

    I’m encouraged by the names people have come up with. This should be fun.

  12. Jon

    Also, what does Randy Cunneyworth like more? The ambience? or the decor?

  13. Anonymous

    Pretty sure Jillson played in some meaningful playoff games.

  14. Chris

    Norm Milley is mine.

  15. brian s.

    What about Roman Ndur or Jean Luc Grand Pierre? Both were big black defensemen who never did anything while in Buffalo.

  16. Jon

    I feel like a good amount of people remember Ndur and Grand-Pierre… because they were big black defensemen. Maybe that’s just me. Pretty insignificant, nonetheless.

  17. Anonymous

    I czxg a vote for Chris Taylor. 8 goals in 90 games over parts of four seasons.

    Maybe it’s the fact that he wore #16 that makes his numbers so sad.


  18. Porky

    My vote is for Grand-Pierre, if only for the reason that I saw someone wearing a Sabres jersey with his name on the back at the Winter Classic and it blew my mind.

    Peters gets a reprieve for going after Ray Emery.

  19. Jonathan Grant Keller

    More names – Dominic Pittis – 11 games 1 goal…that goal was, dunno, can we look that up?

    Jason Holland – you remember, Mo-Holland? Hollaback for Holland! 11 games, 1 assist

    Like Keith Berman said in 1999—what does a Brown, Wooley, Zhitnik, Smelick?

  20. Chris

    I would say that Chris Taylor was significant in that he represented many of the Sabres’ problems during the dying days of the Rigas era.

    Regier was forced to put players on his roster that had no business being in the NHL. He was dealing with cheap owners that didn’t want to pay for NHL talent. I used to joke that Taylor used to write Lindy love letters just so he could stay in the lineup.

  21. MJPalis

    I have one notable Randy Cunneyworth memory. He was drafted by the Sabres and played for them in 1981. When he came back to the Sabres and scored it was the longest scoring gap in NHL history of a player for one team.