Foregone Conclusion?

by Ryan

For months we’ve heard about the mythical land of Portland, Maine. Over the next few days we may be hearing a lot more about it. It is anything but a sure bet (Looking your way, Big Brown…) but all signs point to the Pirates being the newest home of Clarke MacArthur. The club has announced a press conference for Tuesday concerning their new NHL affiliate.

At least they won’t have to change much at the merch table. Check this out:

Some other things on my mind on a lazy Sunday:

– According to this Facebook ad, Soup is spreading the gospel of the overpriced puck-carrying defenseman market. I bet that seminar is full of Tragically Hip covers…

The Strangers is a f#$king awful movie. What a waste of time. You know the movie sucks when 20 minutes in 1) nothing is happening, 2) you verbally state how awful the movie is, and 3) you wish you saw the movie with the animated panda.

How does a movie that pointless get a green light? Is Liv Tyler going to ruin The Incredible Hulk? “You were home”?!?! I’ve never seen so many people leave a theatre simultaneously angry/confused/sheepish over paying $9 bucks to see that sh%tshow. What a joke.

Puck Daddy has a nice read about the remaining Whalers in the league, including one of our own soon-to-be UFAs.

– The Stanley Cup was dented. Somewhere, Gary Bettman is bragging it’s the biggest dent since 2002.

– I’m not a big fan of the Olympics (something you will hear about later), but we are suddenly in good shape for the 2010 games in Vancouver. Brian Burke will be GM for the US hockey team, and hopefully he will be the one to make it more than a glorified all star team. Go for gold, Goose.

– I’ll leave you with the best picture I’ve seen all week.

I would have that face, too.

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  1. Heather B.

    I love that bottom picture. I saw it somewhere earlier and bookmarked it because it totally cracked me up. I’d be like that too.