Facebooking the Draft Class: Luke Adam

by Ryan

Last year we did profiles on the four Sabres draft picks we found on Facebook. This year we thought we would do it a little different, so we asked if they would answer some questions for us. We were worried they wouldn’t be interested, but the answers we received surprised us.

Our first prospect is second round pick and Newfoundland native Luke Adam. After searching through 200 or so people named “Adam Lucas” on Facebook, we found Luke based on this picture:

After a few Facebook messages and an interview, here is what he has to say:

The Goose’s Roost: So lets get this out of the way first: Do you have any nicknames we should be aware of?

Luke Adam: Nothing special, Luker, Lukey

TGR: St. John’s looks like a very nice place, but so far away from Western New York. Tell us a little about your hometown.

Luke: St. John’s is such a wonderful city. Very beautiful place to play and live. It has a lot of scenic spots that can be visited. Many tourists come in the summer. The weather is all over the place; a lot of snow as I am sure you have heard. It was great place to live and to play and I am very disappointed the junior team is moving to Montreal next season, but I am also very excited for that as well.

TGR: Be completely honest, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Buffalo?

Luke: The awesome announcer! Haha (Rick Jeanneret)!

TGR: The closest NHL team to St. John’s is Montreal. Are you a Habs fan?

Luke: No I am a Detroit fan, or should I say I was! Haha My father is from Windsor, Ontario and Detroit is close by so I became a Detroit (fan) in all sports.

TGR: You averaged almost a point per game last year for the Fog Devils. What do you think most helped your progress in the QMJHL?

Luke: I feel my maturity level on and off the ice, player and as a person really helped my success. Also I put in a lot of hard work last off season and I believe that payed off.

TGR: What do you think of the Sabres’ logo? Do you prefer the old school crest with the crossed swords?

Luke: I actually like the logo and I think it is one of the nicer jerseys in the league.

TGR: You’ve played with T.J. Brennan and Jean-Simon Allard. Have they told you anything about the team? Warned you about rookie camp?

Luke: They didn’t tell me too much. I can remember them telling me that rookie camp was tough, though.

TGR: There are some that say you should never trust a man with two first names. Should I be afraid of you in a game of poker?

Luke: Haha, I am not a great poker player so I don’t think you have to be worried.

TGR: Tell me why Sabres fans should be excited about picking you.

Luke: I think they should be excited because I am a big forward that loves and has a passion to score goals; and will do whatever it takes to do that. I hope to one day be a fan favorite in Buffalo.

TGR: Do you have any superstitions?

Luke: Not any particular ones. If something is going well I try to keep the same routine.

TGR: Your Dad played in the NHL with Toronto in 1983. Do you get bragging rights in the family because you were drafted ahead of him?

Luke: Haha, funny you ask that because I was asked the same question on a radio interview today. I tell him I get bragging rights but he won’t give in. I guess he still owns the bragging rights though until I hopefully one day play in a NHL game.

TGR: What are your plans for next year? Sticking with it in the Q?

Luke: Yes. I want to have a good season next year . The team is moving from St. John’s to Montreal so I really am looking forward to the change and I am really excited to get the season underway.


  1. Ben

    great interview, this has become one of my favorite blogs.

  2. Jennifer

    I love reading this blog and I check it every day. This was a great interview. It’s nice to get to know something about the new kids.

  3. dani

    JUSTICE!!!!! I’m not crazy for facebooking possible future Sabres and wanting to interview them!

    P.S. Luke Ryan is already my fave.