Facebooking the Draft Class: Jordon Southorn

by Ryan

Last year we did profiles on the four Sabres draft picks we found on Facebook. This year we thought we would do it a little different, so we asked if they would answer some questions for us. We were worried they wouldn’t be interested, but the answers we received surprised us.

Today we take a look at 4th round pick (104th overall) Jordon Southorn. The Montreal native played last year with the Prince Edward Island Rocket, registering 31 points (12+19) and 70 penalty minutes in 69 games. Here’s what the Rocket defenseman had to say:

The Goose’s Roost: What is the first thing that comes to mind when Buffalo is mentioned?

Jordon Southorn I was very happy to hear my name being called by the Sabres. I know they are a very good team in the new NHL and have shown it in the past 3 years! I also know quite a few of the prospects in camp so it was a comfortable fit.

TGR: Any nicknames we should know about?

Jordon: Southy- that’s been my name for two years now.

TGR: What’s it like to on Prince Edward Island? Do you live there during the season?

Jordon: Yeah I live there during hockey season. It’s a small town, not much to do; but you are there to play hockey not joke around.

TGR: You’re from Montreal. Are you a Habs fan?

Jordon: Yes I am from Montreal and have grown to be a Habs fan

TGR: How badly have you heard your name mispronounced? How should we say “Southorn”?

Jordon: Haha, I’ve heard it quite a bit. Say it as “South-horn” but there is really only one “H”.

TGR: You seem to know a bit about the players currently on the team. How often do you watch Sabres games?

Jordon: I see them play whenever they play against Montreal or (in the) playoffs. I mean, my billet house in PEI is a Habs fan so we don’t watch any other team.

TGR: You have a fight card on hockeyfights.com, and registered 70 penalty minutes last season. Just how physical are you on the ice?

Jordon: Well I’m not a fighter; I have dropped the gloves a few times when I feel it’s appropriate, but I hit when I have to. I like giving out a nice hit, but I’m not a goon on the ice.

TGR: Skating seems to be a strong suit for you. Would you say that’s the best part of your game?

Jordon: I am a good skater with good vision of the ice, I mean the new NHL is a lot of skating so its a good fit for me.

TGR: Tell us a little about this video:

Jordon: Haha, it was a bad game for me. We were winning 5-4 or 6-5 then I gave up the puck and they scored to tie it. Then my next shift I was frustrated and went to hit someone and missed and they scored. But we tied it up.

I knew I had to redeem myself so in the last seconds of the game I look up and saw 15 seconds left on the clock so I figured why not just drive the net? It worked out in my favor because the puck came right on my stick and I scored with 5.5 seconds left to win the game!

TGR: What are your plans for next year? Are you still going to play with the Rocket?

Jordon: As of right now I am still playing with the Rocket. They haven’t traded me so I mean that’s good. Haha. I hope to have a big leadership role on my team next year; maybe get a letter on my jersey and help carry my team as far as we can into the playoffs, and have a great season team wise and personally!

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  1. DCThrowback

    Awesome stuff. It is doubtful that even 5 years ago this would’ve been possible. More hockey porn, please!