Congratulations are in Order

by Ryan

To the writers from the Buffalo News, on winning four awards from the Professional Hockey Writers Association. You guys had plenty to write about the past year, and certianly made the most of it.

Tim Graham was one of my favorite TBN reporters before he moved to Florida, and he deserves the honor. His work is certianly missed, and I hope he enjoys covering the pitiful Dolphins in the beautiful Palm Beach weather. Yeah, I’m sure he’s struggling there.

John Vogl also did some nice year. It’s really nice to see the whole department get recognized for their hard work.

Wait, I didn’t see a Gleason on there. Hrm… that’s a bummer. He put some of his bitter best work out there this season, and it really is a shame he didn’t get recognized. Perhaps this year’s series “See, I told you so” will go over better than his last effort, “I knew something you didn’t.”

As usual, there is always next year.


  1. twoeightnine

    Don’t worry, Bucky will win 25 awards in the next 5 years.

  2. sabresfan88

    That’s pretty cool.

    You know who never got any congratulations or fabulous prizes? Whoever it was that won the playoff pick ’em thing.

  3. Ryan


    Nicely done. Now where’s the photoshop of the Bills in Toronto logo?


    What kind of fabulous prizes are we talking? Got any demands?

  4. sabresfan88

    You know, I just thought for like 5 minutes and I got nothin’.

    Actually, I think a couple 100-level playoff tickets next year (if the Sabres make it) would just about do it. That sounds a little pricey, but you have to remember that I had to beat out like 3 or 4 people who made picks every round. Those odds are like 10 to 1 or something.