When I Think Of…

by Ryan

I don’t read Buccigross often, but commenter Brian S. brought this to my attention.

Buffalo Sabres: Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, fans, bad management. Rick Jeanneret (“La-La-La-La-LaFontaine!” “May Day!”), Dominik Hasek, The French Connection line, The Aud.

He says not to grade him, but where’s the fun in that? My turn:

John Buccigross: Drury Mancrush, Late Night Sportscenter, overrated, reticent, mailbag, only option available.

Now while I do miss NHL Tonight, I don’t actively search out Bucci’s opinion on things, especially whether or not he thinks management screwed the pooch last summer. Everyone knows things went wrong, it is those that cling to it that are worse off.

Also, I think it’s just super that he mentioned the Winter Classic for the Penguins and ignored it with the Sabres. Did he run out of space after listing the mistakes?



  1. Heather B.

    Bucci blows.

  2. dani

    I hate that all we heard about the Winter Classic from the Buffalo perspective (on NBC) was Sidney Crosby and snow. CBC had a segment on the Aud! I had to watch it on youtube. ????????

  3. Kevin

    Remember, Bucci was the one saying that there wouldn’t be a strike and there would absolutely be hockey three years ago.

    He was so adamant, he gave me hope, and I never forgave him.