This Blog Pisses the S#!t Outta Me

by Kevin from BfloBlog– Special to the Goose’s Roost

When Ryan contacted me about writing something to commemorate the first anniversary of The Goose’s Roost, I wasn’t sure how to react. But I said “yes”, because I feel very strongly about The Roost. In short, I really think The Roost is full of shit.

I am over 21, and who has a better ability to evoke a game or a moment? BfloBlog or these youngsters here? Let me give you some examples of things said in this very publication:

One thing I do know, I support Jason Giambi. He sounds genuinely remorseful.

Using Facebook. That’s so DeadSpinny.

Making fun of people with speech impediments.

How can you be proud of this? How? Is your point to try to show that all these guys do is party and fuck around? Is it to humiliate people? I may be over 21, but I’m not stupid.

Maybe I’m just aggravated because these guys – like it or not – are the future. My kids will grow up reading The Roost, and what they read is going to be glib. It’s going to be profane. And it’s going to be quick.

Did you know that The Roost debuted on May 12, 2007, and the Sabres were eliminated from the playoffs just eight days later? And they haven’t been back to the playoffs since? Nice work, losers. You couldn’t have started a Flyers blog? Good luck with year two – maybe you can destroy the Bills while you’re at it.


OK, now that I am done channeling my inner Buzz Bissinger, please allow me to “get all realz” on yo ass.

I read The Roost every day, or every day that I am on a computer machine at least. I have a general rule that I don’t waste my time reading crappy blogs, so I can proudly say that The Roost is not crappy! Actually, I stand by what I wrote back on May 22, 2007:

Also, The Goose’s Roost made it’s debut recently. At first it looked like a Sabres blog, but I can see the changes starting already now that the season has ended. Anyway, those guys are funny, witty, and wordy. In short, they’re everything BfloBlog used to be before we sold out for the big bucks. So go check them out as well.

Anyone who has rolled around the blogosphere long enough has seen their share of sites come and go. There had to have been 10-15 Sabres blogs start up this season, but very few are still posting regularly. I hope these two sites stick around.

Seriously, I’m glad you guys stuck around. So. Ryan, Jon, Rich, and Chris (are there really four of you?); best of luck in year two, and I hope you keep this site going for many more.