Thinking Ahead

by Ryan

We haven’t talked about the Sabres in a while here, but that’s probably because they haven’t been doing anything worth talking about. The last time we saw them they were making the usual excuses, taking team photos, and signing hockey cards that I most certainly own.

Now that their season has ended, they have officially lost all form of humanity to fans. In the coming months, the players we have come to know and love begrudgingly accept are going to become nothing more than a name on a roster. These players that we like for their personalities or sweet haircuts will be ground down into digestible numbers and made into the paste that is contract talks.

Now, we have been getting ready for this time of year for a while now. Chris has been playing with salary cap numbers for some time, and we’ve been taking evaluations on players and yadda yadda yadda it’s too early to actually do anything with this.

However, Scott Cullen has been going through some “off-season gameplans” for teams, and a few days ago he did Buffalo. I actually read this expecting to disagree with almost everything, but I was pleasantly surprised with what he had to say. With the exception of a few players (Clarke and The Kaleta! mostly) he did a good job of understanding what the team has to do and targeting players that may need to be moved.

I’d take a second to read it over and consider what he has to say. Take a look at the three teams that are left. What do they have that we don’t? We are going to be talking a lot about what we think the Sabres should do this summer, but if you want to kill a few hours at work on a Monday, why not start now?