The Goose’s Roost Revisited

Today is a very special day in the Goose’s Roost. One year ago today, Jon, Chris, and I started a private chat room and introduced each other. I had never met Chris before, and Rich wasn’t even in the picture at the time, but we knew that we were going to start a sports blog. Somehow.

I happened to have a Blogger account and a site that I had absentmindedly called “The Goose’s Roost” one night when I got bored. It sat for a month with no activity, just a color scheme and a name. Then that text from Jon got in the way. On May 12th, each one of us wrote an introduction to the site. We then took the three intros and made one post, the first of 754 posts here in the Goose’s Roost.

We really had no idea what was going on when we wrote that first post. The Sabres were in the middle of arguably the most exciting season in their history, and we didn’t have much experience in the blogging world. Today is a celebration of the last year of our lives, and I think it should be some fun. Check back a few times, because we’re going to have plenty to read.

To start, we recently got a present for ourselves. Jon isn’t the biggest fan of it, but Happy Birthday to Us.

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  1. Katie

    Happy Birthday, boys!!