The Golisano Code

by Ryan

Does anything about that image strike you as odd? Season ticket renewals are nothing new; many people in the blogosphere have already received their forms. However, the button on is a bit… intimidating, isn’t it?

Think of it this way: do any of the people shown in that picture have season tickets? The photo is obviously taken during a Party in the Plaza last year during the playoffs, so anyone with seasons is going to be, you know, inside the arena. Yes, some people sell seats and maybe it was just a really nice day outside; but it is an interesting, if not subliminal message to send to your season ticket holders, eh?

Renew your tickets, or these people get them.

Now I know the Sabres front office isn’t trying to send that message, but the reality is that it is true. How many people are in the Blue and Gold Club? How many more would be interested in seasons but don’t want to plunk down that $100 bucks? For the first time in the decade, there is an overwhelming demand for Sabres tickets, and raising ticket prices isn’t going to drive that demand down. The Sabres have a groundswell of support, and a few nagging season ticket holders isn’t going to make a difference when there are thousands waiting to take their place.

I’m not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but it is interesting to consider the message sent by this image. The obvious intent of the picture is to show the enormous support Sabres fans have shown the team recently, but when you consider what that means to your bank account, things suddenly seem a bit more dubious. Maybe it is Larry Quinn showing us just how helpless we are in the grand scheme of supply and demand.

See Bucky? I can do it too! It’s not that hard, man…

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  1. DCThrowback

    And here I thought that Sabre management just wanted to remind Pens fans who did tailgating better and best.