The Fastest 12 Months on the Internet

By Chris

I always joke with Ryan that we started this blog at the worst possible time. The first official night of the blog, Joe Corvo scored to put Ottawa up two games to none against the Sabres. It was one of the first signs that the Sabres weren’t built to win the Stanley Cup. So when their playoffs ended about a week later, we were left scrambling.

What the hell were we going to write about?

Just starting out, we didn’t have a voice or an audience that was listening. So we made due. We wrote about baseball, LeBron James, Halloween decorations, porn and jerseys. We were looking for anything and for anybody to listen. It was a long summer to say the least, highlighted by the Canada Day Massacre where we lost those two former captains (yeah we’ve been through that).

But we prevailed. And when football started up, we had Miis of the Busboy Losman and Money Lynch ready. When the Sabres opened up, we had Islanders Week, which is probably the busiest we’ve ever been here–well except for February when we decided to use that Leap Day to our full advantage.

It’s been an interesting year. And what have we learned since last May 12? That we’re going to just keep doing what we do. But better. Turns out that we really haven’t changed all that much since those first few days. We’ve just added a lot more pretty pictures, nicknames and “Mismanagement” tags since then.

Ryan’s been carrying the blog for the last two months or so as the rest of us were struggling with something called “college” and “schoolwork” and enjoying something called “sleep” (which Ryan hasn’t experienced since March 9). But we’re all coming back with a bang this summer. There’s still a lot to be said about what exactly happened to the Sabres (and what they’re not going to do this offseason) and Bills camp is right around the corner (they should be exciting, right?). Plus any other general wrabble that we want to throw out there. As long as we’ve got the bandwidth, why not?

So thanks to everyone who gives us a click every once in awhile. Knowing that people are actually reading what we’re writing is a great feeling. And if you guys are enjoying it, all the better. Thanks for sticking with us as we look to avoid that dreaded sophomore slump. Hey, if Malkin could do it…


  1. Kate

    Happy Birthday Goose’s Roost!

  2. Joe

    Excellent blog. I read it everyday.

    I’m just glad Chris and Jon never post, because I am sure I’d be feeling some flack for the whole Brett Favre bonanza.

    Keep it up!

  3. dani

    Literally, I started blogging when the Sabres had like 5 games left of this season. Ha.

    I hear you about the college work loads… blogging takes your mind off it. Urrggh. Speaking of, I’m off to party.

    [And I thought Ryan killed you other guys…]

  4. Heather B.

    Happy birthday, Goose’s Roost! I also started blogging at a terrible time – right before last regular season ended. We geniuses just like to make things more complicated than it should be, I think šŸ˜€

    Looking forward to an offseason filled with porn and jerseys!