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By Jon

The always trusty Wikipedia says that Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder affects “three to five percent of the world’s population under the age of 19.” The ADD population in Buffalo just got a new summer activity: AF2 Football.

Per the Buffalo News, Buffalo has been awarded a franchise for Arena Football’s minor league, assuming they can work out a lease agreement with HSBC Arena. Thurman Thomas will own a share of the team, with Jim Kelly possibly jumping on board as well.

I’ve been to three AF2 games in our state’s capital (Go Conquest!), and let me tell you: This game is made for people with ADD. A four to five second play, followed by ten to fifteen seconds in between plays (complete with obnoxious music played throughout the arena). Touchdowns at the end of nearly every drive, followed by a ridiculous celebration. Annoying game hosts with stupid games and giveaways in between. Repeat this over and over and over again, and you’ve got yourself AF2 football.

That being said, it will be another excuse to head down to the arena. The season runs on weekends from March through July, which might ever-so-slightly fill a void for those long summers without the Bills or Sabres. Expect the crowd to be much like a Bisons game, with attendees more interested in kicking a few back and socializing than watching football. Also, AF2 rosters usually have a few local kids on the roster, so that may attract a few people downtown.

All in all, an AF2 chance should have a good chance to succeed in Buffalo. They certainly won’t draw capacity, but a couple thousand people in the building for each game isn’t an unattainable goal. And hey, at least they’ll outdraw the Sharks.

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  1. dani

    Wow. Seriously, I think that logo just made my eyes roll back into my head.